Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quest of the Sorcerer King: Abandoned Keep

The keep would make an excellent stronghold for a Fighter PC, robber baron or a holy order of knights. Its sturdy construction would ensure that it could withstand most mundane threats, although ethereal invaders and those employing Teleport would find little to hamper their intrusion.

     The first floor (upper left) features two heavy wooden gates secured with thick beams. Beyond the first set of doors are three pits—5’ wide and 10’ deep—that would pose an obstacle for enemies. When the keep is not under assault, the pits could be covered with planks to allow safe passage. Numerous arrow slits would also allow defenders to harry anyone breaching the gates. 

      Murder holes can be found on the second floor (middle left). The holes overlook the pits and gates below. Falling into a pit, then being peppered with arrows, might deter even the most aggressive invader.

     The open space on the fourth floor (upper right) could house at least two catapults or perhaps a single trebuchet. Battlements also provide cover for archers.

      The sixth floor (bottom right) offers the keep an excellent vantage point. It is accessible via a hatch in the floor.

     The walls of the keep are 5’ thick and constructed entirely of stone. The floors and ceilings are built with wood. All interior doors are good quality and most can be secured with a wooden bar. Torch sconces are placed at regular intervals to provide adequate illumination. The arrow slits in the walls can be covered with interior shutters.

     The DM can decide how each room is used, although the kitchen would most likely be found on the first floor. Latrines would also be found on the first level. The waste could be disposed of via leach lines.


  1. Very cool Christian. I always struggle with mapping these kind of things. You even included the poopers. That deserves a +1!

    1. Everyone has to go potty sometime!

  2. Good stuff, as usual. I like this small tower house. I may find a use for these maps myself.

    1. I hope you can find some use for it. :)