Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Iron Rations Part XI

Devon could no longer contain his curiosity. He finally worked up the courage and asked, “Aithne, why are you willing to help the halflings? Charity isn’t normally something that motivates you.”

     “I could really care less about the halflings, Devon. I simply want to learn more about the human called Olwyn, who protects the spiders.”

     “What do you mean learn more about?” asked Abel.

     “What do you think I mean, Abel?” Aithne flatly replied.

     “I think you want to torch her like you did that freak we met in Haldane.”


     The four companions wandered on in silence, each pondering the events to come. Apris seemed especially worried, wringing her hands and anxiously looking at Abel.

     “Abel, why does Aithne want to fight the cleric?”

     “I’m not sure, Apris. I can’t say that Aithne wants to fight, but if it comes, she certainly won’t walk away.”

     “I feel that by helping the halflings we’re really helping Aithne to further her own agenda.”

     “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.” said Abel.

     Meanwhile, the cleric Olwyn sat on a stump, watching intently as a spider wrapped a hafling in a silk cocoon. The halfling had stopped struggling and a stream of blood now oozed from the poor fellow’s mouth and nostrils. Olwyn was detached from the event, simply viewing it as the ebb and flow of life. She had no idea that very soon an elven woman would engulf her in flames and would look at her charred corpse with equal apathy.

Olwyn, Level 2 Cleric; Alignment: Neutral; Hit Dice: 2; Hit Points: 9; Attacks: sling (+1 to hit, 1d4 damage); Move: 90’; Languages: Common; 

Abilities: Str 9, Int 12, Wis 15 (+1 magic-based saving throws), Dex 14 (+ 1 to hit, -1 AC bonus), Con 11, Ch 12; AC: 6 (leather armor, -1 dex); 

Special Abilities: +1 on initiative, turn undead; 

Spells: Light;

Equipment: sling, 12 sling stones, leather armor.

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