Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This, That and the Other Thing: Wagons, ho!

In most campaigns, the player characters don’t get overly concerned with trade and commerce. However, wagons and their contents eventually play a role in every campaign. For those times when characters either escort, raid, or encounter wagons, the random table below can help to determine the contents. In a modern or sci-fi game, the cargos below can be found within a semi’s trailer or a space craft’s hold.

1) Lumber
     Various lengths of timber, ranging from long, heavy beams to thinner, shorter planks. The amount of wood present is sufficient to build a one room shack. Blueprints for the shack can be found with the wood, but no tools. 
2) Poultry
     Cages stuffed full of chickens are stacked precariously, leaning dangerously to one side. The hens within cluck contentedly as feathers drift through the air. The stench of rotting eggs and chicken poop is eye-watering. 
3) Ale
     The wagon groans under the weight of many kegs of ale. A colorful label depicts a jolly halfling lifting a large mug, as if giving a toast. The stamps on the kegs read “Basilisk Ales.” 
4) Fertilizer
     This wagon will be smelled long before it is seen. The foul odor will either attract or deter attackers - GM’s call. The fertilizer is extremely rich and will fetch a decent price at market. The drover is proud of his smelly cargo, going so far as to refer to it as “brown gold.” 
5) Rocks
     The wagon is especially large and well-constructed. The drovers have a hard time keeping the team of oxen moving forward as the wagon groans under the weight of cut limestone.
6) Fish
     Minimal steps were taken to preserve the fish within this wagon. As a result, the stench is terrible. Most of the cargo has spoiled and the drover is considering dumping the load by the side of the road. There is a chance that the smell may attract predators. 
7) Prisoners
     Sullen, dangerous men sit along each side of the wagon. They are chained together at the wrists and ankles. The convicts have a nasty look about them and are eager to escape. They will use any chaotic event as an opportunity to do so. 
8) Hay     
     Bales of hay are stacked high and lean slightly to one side. The hay has been leaving a trail behind the wagon, a trail that bandits or beasties might follow. 
9) Empty
     In this instance, the wagon itself is the commodity. Newly built and in fine condition, the wagon is being delivered to the person who commissioned its construction. 
10) Farm Fresh
     Bushel baskets of corn, potatoes, carrots and other fresh produce fill the wagon to capacity.


  1. A spacecraft hold full of ale, yeah!

    1. I think that'd be a lot better than a cargo hold full of bantha poop!

  2. I like it. It's almost an encounter table and they're more or less cardinal ideas for the assumed setting.

    As for the ale in holds, check out the Space Wolves...