Monday, November 12, 2012

The Coyote Man

Child's rendition of the Coyote Man
Valencia is a planned community in Los Angeles County. Depending upon who you talk to, it’s either a quiet bedroom community with well-landscaped yards or it’s a burning hot pit of despair, full of middle to upper-class rednecks. Regardless of how you feel about the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia has been hit by a wave of foreclosures.

     Many homes now lay vacant. The lawns have all died, tumbleweeds roll down the streets and coyotes openly roam some neighborhoods. Since the city is surrounded by an arid landscape, the coyotes aren’t too uncommon. New to the ecology, however, is a creature that is being called the “Coyote Man.”

     Noticed first by children, and later by squatters in some of the abandoned homes, the Coyote Man is a monster, simply put. The creature hunts vacant lots and devours – among other things - the pets left behind by homeowners, who could no longer manage their ballooning interest only, adjustable rate mortgages.

     The Coyote Man is frightening to behold. It stands nearly 8’ tall and is covered in a reddish-brown fur. Four tentacle-like arms, each covered with fur and featuring sharp pincers at the end, are able to rip flesh from its victims. Two horns sprout from its dog-like head. Whether the beast is some aberration in nature or summoned from another plane of existence, the Coyote Man is starting to capture imaginations. Bloggers have posted a child’s illustration of the creature and local police are on the alert for a “costumed freak hiding out in abandoned homes.”

Coyote Man (395 points) 
SM +1 (8’ tall, 425 lbs.); 
ST 20 (-10%) [+180], DX 12 [40], IQ 7 [-60], HT 12 [20]; 
HP 20, Will 12 [25], Per 11 [15], FP 12; 
Basic Lift 80, Damage: Thr 2d-1/Sw 3d+2; 
Basic Speed 6.0, Basic Move 6; 
Dodge 9, Parry -, Block -; 
DR 1 [5]. 

Advantages and Perks 
Ambidexterity [5], Dark Vision [25], Extra Arms (2 arms, extra flexible, long, +150%) [50], Extra Attack (x3) [75], Fearlessness 4 [8], Jumper (world) [100], Night Vision 5 [5], Sharp Claws [5], Sharp Teeth [1], Terror (Always On, -20%) [24]. 

Disadvantages and Quirks 
Bestial [-15], Cannot Speak [-15], Ham-Fisted [-10], Horrific Appearance (-6 to reactions) [-24], Loner (6) [-10], Secret [-30]. 

Brawling-14 [4]. 

Sharp Pincers-14, 2d+1 cut, Reach 1, Parry 10 (4/round, -3 vs. weapons other than thrusting attacks); 

Bite-14, 2d cut, Reach C.

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  1. Ms. Drew, you know anything about this?

    1. No. High tech, sentient robots are my specialty. Four-armed, monster freaks are not my department.

  2. O_o

    Huh, perhaps monsters do exist.

  3. How come us kids always see the monsters?

    1. Well, Miguel, one theory is that monsters see children as being especially vulnerable. As a result, they choose to manifest themselves before children, sensing an easy pray item.

  4. Yet another reason to dislike Valencia. Gross.

  5. I would not like to film that thing with my camcorder. No thank you!

  6. Just noticed the comments section--ha!

    This game setup is SOOO L.A.!