Thursday, November 1, 2012

Iron Rations Part IV

After allowing poor Abel to recover from his fractured collar bone and bruised ribs, the trio set out to explore the abandoned tower. The dwarf prospector had spoken of strange, dancing lights that appeared around the ancient edifice after nightfall. Aithne was intrigued by the tale and hoped the dwarf’s words were true. Devon and Abel were skeptical, however.

     “You’d think that a creature so full of crap would be taller.”

     “I agree, Abel. Perhaps his being full of crap was the reason for his bad mood. That couldn’t be comfortable.”

     Aithne rolled her eyes. “You’re both idiots.”

     Walking quickly ahead, she exclaimed, “Look, we’ve arrived!”

     Pointing to the east, the decaying, squat watchtower could be seen.

     Abel scowled. “We’re supposed to go inside that dump? It’s barely standing!”

     Aithne addressed Abel in her usual, condescending tone. “No, dear Abel, we merely have to watch and see what happens after nightfall.”

     The trio sat down on the grass, wondering what sunset would bring.


  1. This is a fun series -- I'm looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you for reading. This series was the inspiration for the hex crawl I wrote for Loviatar. :)