Friday, October 26, 2012

The Loud Ones Never Last Long

Doug Brewer can't stand loud noises. The 50-year-old real estate attorney lives a quiet life with no friends to speak of and even fewer family ties. When he comes home from work, he just wants to watch the Dodgers, drink a glass of wine, then go to bed at a reasonable hour.

     Unfortunately for Doug, the house next door is a big thorn in his side. It's a three bedroom rental home and Doug simply can't stand renters. They just don't understand the unwritten rules. Music is not to be played loudly. Guests should be seldom and few in number. The number of people living in the house should also be kept low. For example, Doug can't stand it when three male renters begin having girlfriends over. Suddenly, the houses occupants swell from three to six. The parking on the street becomes limited and there's just too much coming and going.

     That kind of thing makes Doug angry and when Doug gets angry he grabs his hammer out of the toolbox. For a minor infraction, like playing a car stereo too loud, he will smash their headlights. If they have a dog and it barks at night, he'll poison it. Guests that stay too long, such as a girlfriend who comes over every night for a week, will have their tires slashed.

     Sometimes the neighbors just don't get the message. Chronic offenders get treated to something Doug calls "Hammer Time." He puts on dark clothing, then triggers one of the tenant's car alarm late at night. When the renter comes outside to investigate, Doug will emerge from a hiding spot and pummel him into submission.

     The moving van usually shows up the next day.

     For an older guy, Doug swings a mean hammer. Even he has no idea where the strength comes from, but it seems to ebb and flow based upon his mood. The madder he is, the stronger he gets. 

Doug Brewer (111 points)
SM 0 (5’ 10" tall, 170 lbs.);
ST 10, DX 11 [20], IQ 13 [60], HT 10;
HP 10, Will 13, Per 13, FP 10;
Basic Lift 20, Damage: Thr 1d-2/Sw 1d;
Basic Speed 5.25, Basic Move 5;
Dodge 8, Parry 10 (hammer), Block -;
DR 0.

Advantages and Perks 
Comfortable Wealth [10], Fearlessness 2 [4], Indomitable [15], Striking Strength 4 (only while angry, -20%) [16]

Disadvantages and Quirks 
Bloodlust (6) [-20], Bully (6) [-20], Secret (imprisonment) [-20].

Intimidation-14 [4], Brawling-11 [2], Law (California Real Estate)-14 [8], Melee Weapon (hammer)-14 [16], Stealth-14 [16].

Claw Hammer-16: 2d+1 cr, Reach C, 1, Parry-10.

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  1. I've listened in on the thoughts of freaks like this. They have taught me that there's no need to scare children with stories about monsters. There are enough real live monsters, you know?

    1. While you are correct in that people can behave in a monstrous fashion, you are wrong when you say that there no real monsters. They do, in fact, exist.

  2. Any fool that messes with my car for playing my music loud is going to get messed up. Stupid old man with a hammer? Please.

  3. Okay, so things have taken a rather dark turn in the series. Doug has been converted from a World of Darkness NPC I wrote a few years ago. My thinking in regards to Doug is that while the PCs will encounter the strange and bizarre from time to time, there are plenty of mundane horrors to contend with.

  4. Seriously?

    This might work in Cali but here in NY the old man would be found in several pieces floating down the East River.

    You usually leave each other alone as much as possible in NY because as crazy as you are, the next guy is waaay crazier.

    1. Yes, I am very serious about a fictional character for a role-playing game. SERIOUS business, Adam!

    2. Adam knows that we are all fictitious and that this is a game, right?

    3. "This might work in Cali but here in NY the old man would be found in several pieces floating down the East River."

      Like I said to Ms. Ceballos, keep talking.