Thursday, October 25, 2012


Stirge, Uncommon, no. 56, War of the Dragon Queen

“Aieee! Get it off me! Get it off me!” 
     -Unfortunate victim of a stirge attack

Stirges are bat-like creatures that feed on the blood of living beings. While just one poses little danger to most adventurers, multiple stirges can be a formidable threat. In combat, a stirge attacks by landing on a victim, then plunging its proboscis into the flesh.

     A stirge’s coloration ranges from rust-red to reddish-brown, with a dirty yellow underside. The 10” long proboscis is pink at the tip, fading to gray at its base. A stirge’s body is about 18” long and has a wingspan of about 3 feet.

Stirge (-3 points)
SM -2 (3’ wide, 18 lbs.);
ST 5 [-50], DX 15 [100], IQ 4 [-120], HT 11 [10];
HP 5, Will 10 [30], Per 10 [30], FP 12 [3];
Basic Speed 6.5, Basic Move 2 (ground), 12 (air);
Dodge 9 (in flight), Parry -, Block -;
DR 0.

Advantages and Perks 
Flight (winged -25%; air move 12) [30], Night Vision 5 [5], Striker (cannot parry, -40%) [3], Vampiric Bite [30].

Disadvantages and Quirks 
Bloodlust (6) [-20], No Fine Manipulators [-30], Wild Animal [-30].

Brawling-17 [4], Stealth-15 [2].

Proboscis-17: 1d-3 pi, Reach C, Parry-n/a.

     Upon a successful grappling attack (using the brawling skill), the stirge is able to land on the victim and grabs hold with its claws. (The victim is at -4 DX after being successfully grappled.)

     The following turn, if it is still attached, it plunges its proboscis into the flesh using an All Out Attack. If the attack is successful and penetrates the victim's DR, the stirge drains 1 HP per second until dislodged. For every 3 HP stolen, the stirge heals either 1 HP or 1 FP. The stirge cannot raise HP or FP above normal this way.

     A stirge is vulnerable when feeding in this manner and will be unable to dodge any attack directed at it. However, a missed attack or excess damage may wound the stirge’s victim!


  1. LOL, what? A 10" thing that it sticks in people? That's perverted. LOL.

    1. What lovely fruit your educational system produces, Reed. I hope you are doing a better job with her little brother,

    2. My sister ditched a lot of school. Monica, a proboscis is like a straw. The monster uses it to suck people's blood like a mosquito does.

    3. Well done, Miguel! Great definition. :)

  2. That thing is so sick! I bet those things totally live in Canoga Park some other Valley hell hole.

  3. Stirges upset my players perhaps more than any other monster south of the Gelatinous Cube.

    1. They are pretty freaking annoying, indeed. PCs also tend to hate rust monsters. Those things are a drag.