Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freelands of Mirrym: Numrikan

“Letting people think I am weak is all part of my plan.” 
     -Kel Darbec

Numrikan is a +2 shortsword
Kel Darbec is not known for being a killer. His areas of expertise are burglary and blackmail. Nevertheless, Kel is capable of defending himself if need be. During a recent burglary, Kel was cornered by four members of the city watch. Kel produced a distinctive shortsword and managed to wound two of the watchmen before fleeing. After reading accounts of the fight, Ocindra Moreau, a noted expert on swords, believes the sword is called Numrikan.

     From her notes: “Crafted 100 years ago by the dwarven outcast Griokor Gravenshield for his own private, mischievous use, Numrikan has contributed to the brutal and sudden death of many innocent people. Griokor lost the sword to a better killer and it is now believed to be in the possession of Kel Darbec, a thief residing in the Freecity of Mirrym.”

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