Monday, August 6, 2012

Freelands of Mirrym: Madelyn's House

On the corner of Wagon Street and Lamplighter Way stands a modest, single story home. The faded paint and always-closed shutters do not give the home an inviting exterior, which is exactly the way the occupant likes it.

a) Living Room
     The living area is rather spartan, containing a table, a few chairs and a fireplace. Because Madelyn is affiliated with the local thieves’ guild, a few rogues can occasionally be found lounging here. Madelyn flirts with them all equally, leading them on, hoping to use their affection for her own gain.

b) Office 
     Madelyn keeps her personal papers and books here. A quick search will yield her spellbook, a stolen spellbook (Hildebrand's Tome) and two books on the creation and use of poisons. (Each is worth 50 gp.) Madelyn is interested in the subject and is considering using poisons against her enemies. The room is furnished with a desk, bookshelf and padded chair.

c) Bedroom 
     Fine black linens on a large, four poster bed, candles and slinky garments left on the floor catch the viewer’s eye. In the top drawer of her bureau, which is locked (Open Lock DC 20), Madelyn has hidden a ledger that contains a detailed roster of the local thieves’ guild. It includes membership, safe houses and a list of bribed officials. Madelyn hopes to sell it some day to the highest bidder.

d) Kitchen 
     The kitchen is seldom used, although Madelyn is thinking about using it to practice brewing poisons. The house’s latrine is accessed via a curtain near the pantry.

Madelyn’s House 
Wood Walls: 6” thick, Break DC 20, Hardness 5, Hit Points 60 (per 10x10 section); 

Front Door (good wooden door): 1.5” thick, Hardness 5, Hit Points 15, Open Lock DC 20, Break DC Stuck 16/Locked 18; 

Back Door (good wooden door): 1.5” thick, Hardness 5, Hit Points 15, Open Lock DC 20, Break DC Stuck16/Locked 18.

     In my own campaign, the party stormed Madelyn’s home in an attempt to bring her to justice for some burglaries she was involved in. The group met stiff resistance from 3 rogues lounging in her living room. Madelyn was also present, but managed to escape out the back. At right is a photo of the battle mat.

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